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I welcome comments and suggestions, I take criticism very lightly (at least most of the time). My goal for this blog is to document various experiments and research projects I feel are both relevant and prominent in the field of computer security (or lack there of) and share my results and experiences with other fellow computer security enthusiests. Most of my topics are based soley on open source technology and methodology, mostly due to availability and cost. I believe that effective security measures help keep people honest with their technology, for the most part. Security is futile (usless) or at least it feels that way when an inspired opportunist comes around and exploits your weaknesses. With that being said I leave you with a quote of inspiration; There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity.-- General Douglas MacArthur

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cosmetic Security

For some, computer security is an afterthought or a roadblock that lacks a monetary return on investment.  Cosmetic Security is simply an organization's pathetic approach to an impermanent fixture for unforeseen abnormalities or anomalies in their IT security support structure.....its like putting a band-aide on a wound that should be treated with stitches.  If you refuse to proceed with caution, fail to respect the situation, it will eventually spread with infectious diseases and affect other parts of your vital organs.  Likewise, if organization's fail to do their due diligence and take care of issues before they turn into real problems it could eventually have an adverse affect on their overall IT infrastructure.  It is up to security experts to help senior management realize the importance of security and it's overall return on investment.  Otherwise, if management doesn't care than why should any of we?


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